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Clays, Hydrosols & Carriers

1-hour aromatherapy classes that offer personal enrichment and community connection!

Enhance your aromatherapy skill set and knowledge base!

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Learn with a like-minded group of essential oil enthusiasts and Aromahead Instructors.

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Available Now: Working with Clays

Presenters: Karen and Jenny, Aromahead Instructors
45-minute workshop + 15-minute Q&A 

Learn the introductory basics of incorporating clays into your aromatherapy skill set. After some general guidelines for working with clays, we will take an in-depth look at how, when, and why to use French Green Clay, White Kaolin Clay, and Moroccan Clay.  

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Available Now: 
Working with Hydrosols

Presenters: Karen and Jenny, Aromahead Instructors
45-minute workshop + 15-minute q&A

If you have yet to fully incorporate hydrosols into your aromatherapy blends, this workshop is a MUST attend! Learn the basics and take a closer look at German chamomile, lavender, and peppermint hydrosols!

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Available Now: 
Working with Carrier Oils

Presenters: Karen and Jenny, Aromahead Instructors
45-Minute workshop + 15-minute Q&A

Carrier oils provide nourishing support all on their own and pair perfectly with essential oils! Every carrier offers unique benefits and uses that can expand your vibrant aromatherapy skill set. In this 45 minute workshop + 15 minute Q&A you will learn the basics of working with carrier oils. We will take a closer look at 3 different carriers: Jojoba, Trauma Oil, and Red Raspberry. 

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This budget-friendly option gives you access to all 3 of our new aromatherapy workshop offerings. As space is limited, this is the ideal package to ensure your guaranteed front-row seat for each online event.

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