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The Natural Entrepreneur

How to Start a Successful Aromatherapy Side Hustle


Watch This Exploratory Training Now

Who should register for this exploratory training? 


Anyone who is serious about developing a successful aromatherapy side hustle in the next 12 months and wants ideas, inspiration, and support!

We will open an application process at the end of this live event for those who want to become an expert in essential oils, and start and launch an aromatherapy side hustle!

Space is limited so make sure you save your seat for this training today. 

Side hustle options we will explore in this training:


Teach aromatherapy workshops that show others how to make blends for specific wellness reasons.


Become an Essential Oil Coach and work with clients one-on-one!


Create an aromatherapy-related blog or podcast that teaches important concepts or ideas. 

Online Retail

Create aromatherapy products and sell them online directly to consumers. 

In-Store Retail

Create a product line for your own store or someone else's brick-and-mortar location. 

Affiliate Marketing

Create a website or social channels to promote your favorite essential oil services and products. 

“It is said that the boldest thing you can do is think for yourself, but I believe that it is bolder still to act on those thoughts and ideas despite certain criticism and objections. To be true to yourself—to look straight into your own eyes reflected in the mirror and be loyal to the person you see—is to be bold indeed.” 

― Richelle E. Goodrich



Four Key Things

For a Successful Aromatherapy Side Hustle


1. A product or service that genuinely helps someone

2. Off-the-charts genuine enthusiasm

3.  You are an expert in aromatherapy

4. You have a supportive community 

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We've Got Your Back

Bring your passion, and we'll provide the guidance


For those who embark on our 12-month journey, you'll:

1. Craft and refine a winning concept for your product or service.

2. Achieve expertise in aromatherapy through our Aromatherapy Certification Program.

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Empowering Change Together


Share and overcome obstacles easily:

1. Collaborate with fellow essential oil enthusiasts to co-create and introduce YOUR next product or service.

2. Swiftly find solutions, gain insights, and sidestep common mistakes.

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Is this exploratory training for you?

If you are seriously thinking about becoming an expert in aromatherapy with a group of folks ready to help you develop and launch your successful aromatherapy side hustle, it sure is! 

It is also absolutely for you if you are on the fence and wondering if this might be a good next step for you. Join us to explore your side hustle options!

Watch the Instant Replay and Let's Get this Party Started!