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Unlock your essential oil confidence with approachable chemistry

Tap into mother nature's healing power by learning the keys that enable essential oils to support our bodies, minds, and spirits.
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Learn the science behind essential oils and join a growing movement of people who are transforming health and wellness, naturally.


If you enjoy essential oils and want to use them safely and effectively, then you already know you need to learn more to feel completely confident. You've probably spent time researching on your own and run across confusing details. There's a lot to know, and it isn't easy to find unbiased, scientific information that comes from a trusted source.

In this training, certified aromatherapy experts will reveal the foundations that make essential oils effective and share key concepts you'll need to consider when selecting the right oil for the right moment.

In our first 60 minutes, you'll learn:

  • Approachable chemistry anyone can use to unlock the therapeutic benefits of essential oils

  • 4 key concepts that can take your use of essential oils from confusion to confidence

  • Real-world examples that bring these key concepts to life

  • How to take a transformative next step on your journey to becoming an aromatherapy expert

To make sure you get the details you need, we'll stick around as long as it takes to answer all of your questions!

Exclusive Live Bonus Training
As a special thank you to those who stick around until the end of our presentation, we will share a bonus lesson at the end of the training that's filled with safety tips & tricks (it won't be included on the recording).


You'll love this class if you'd like to:

  • Understand WHY essential oils work, so you can offer research-based advice to others.

  • Recognize misinformation about essential oils, so you can identify reliable sources.

  • Stop wasting your precious oils because you're not sure how best to use them.

  • Help more people with essential oils, but aren't always sure which ones to use... or why.

  • Start a business with essential oils, with a supportive team of friends + experts at your back.

  • Add essential oils to your yoga, massage, or healthcare practice as an additional way to help others.


A personal invitation from Jenny & Karen

At Aromahead Institute, we have a passionate team of Certified and Clinical Aromatherapists who are excited to support you on your essential oil journey, every step of the way.

We invite you to join our growing community of effective, evidence-based aromatherapists who make an impact by using natural solutions to enhance wellness for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our institute is known for our work with newbies, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between. We can get you to the finish line and help you use essential oils to transform your life!

If you're committed to learning how essential oils can be an absolute powerhouse in supporting health and wellness-regardless of your current comfort level-you're in the right place.

Join us for this essential training!

See you there!
Jenny and Karen

Learn from the experts


Karen Williams

Karen serves as Co-Director of Education at the Aromahead Institute, where she applies her healthcare background and extensive essential oil research to lead training and support students on their journey to aromatherapy expertise.


Jenny Williams

Jenny joins Karen as Co-Director of Education at the Aromahead Institute and uses her background in Education to make complex aromatherapy topics simple to understand for students of all levels.

The Aromahead Institute was founded in 1998 by Andrea Butje and Cindy Black to provide students with comprehensive, accredited aromatherapy education that enhances lives and careers. Industry-leading organizations like AIA, NAHA, and IFPA recognize Aromahead as an authority in aromatherapy education. In addition, AIA presented Andrea with a lifetime achievement award in 2013 to recognize her passion, dedication, and expertise as a standout aromatherapy educator. Over the years, Aromahead has helped hundreds of thousands of students from around the world realize their dreams of natural wellness through safe and effective aromatherapy.

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